Ballance Agri-Nutrients

124b Hewletts Road, Mt Maunganui

Ballance agri-nutrients are in the productivity business: their fertilisers enable New Zealand’s farmers to carry more stock, to grow more abundant crops. No surprise, then, that Ballance were keen to improve their own productivity: at their site in Mount Maunganui.

Many of their raw materials are imported - and their products distributed - through the Port of Tauranga. If they could stay off public roads when transporting materials back and forth between the ships and the plant, they could use bigger trucks and save time and money.

The Port of Tauranga - and PFI - made it possible. As part of a 15-year lease agreement with Ballance, we designed and built a warehouse facility with floor and yard areas able to handle the heavy loads and with an enclosed canopy for all weather loading and distribution. And we negotiated direct port access with Port of Tauranga, providing a short cut that kept Ballance delivery vehicles off public roads. At PFI, we’re out where the work gets done, helping New Zealand work smarter.

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