686 Rosebank Road, Avondale

When you’re in the outsourcing business, you get the concept. Bunzl Outsourcing Services provide ‘everyday essentials’ to their customers, enabling them to focus on their core business. No surprise then, that Bunzl are leasing their Auckland premises from industrial property experts PFI.

No surprise, either, that we had the right solution for them. Back in 2008, we designed and built 686 Rosebank Road as a distribution centre for USL. Just a few years later, however, they’d grown much more rapidly than they’d anticipated and needed more space. So, we helped them find new premises.

Bunzl liked the now-vacant 686 Rosebank Road: a good size for them and the location is perfect. We are increasing the office area for them and they’ve taken a five-year lease, with right of renewal.

It’s outsourcing at work: everyone doing what they do best.

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