The complete package

2-4 Argus Place, Hillcrest

If you’re having a bad day, take a moment to realise how much has gone right so far that you were not even aware of. We have a tendency to only notice what doesn’t work, not what does.

Like all PFI’s tenants, Pharmapac makes modern life possible, and yet we pick up and put down their products without a second thought, totally unaware of how much human intelligence went into them. “What? That plastic bottle…how hard can that be?”

Pharmapac is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of the plastic bottles that pharmacies put drugs into, that our honey is packaged in for overseas markets and that nutritional supplements, shampoos, conditioners and body wash are sold in. Depending on what’s inside – what the customer needs – the bottles may be child-resistant, tamper-evident, wide-mouthed, clear, coloured, plain, in different sizes, designed to stack, designed to attract the consumer. They are recyclable and traceable. They might be injection moulded, blow moulded, or stretch blow moulded. They are manufactured to FDA and EU standards, in a special ‘clean’ environment if required. And they are delivered daily to customers throughout New Zealand. Yes, that plastic bottle: Pharmapac have been expertly making them for over thirty years.

When business growth meant time for new premises, Pharmapac turned to another specialist, PFI. They needed a quality building big enough to accommodate their various production processes, with the right mix of office space, production space, and storage. They needed to be close to the motorway, for inward and outward goods, and they wanted to be on Auckland’s North Shore, because that’s where they had been, and so it suited their 45 staff, some of whom have been with them for 15 years. PFI were able to meet these requirements with a property in Argus Place, off Sunnybrae Road.

Having the right building in the right location is two parts of the industrial property puzzle but often – as in this case – it is putting a deal together that works for both parties that makes the difference. To streamline the relocation for Pharmapac, PFI were able to negotiate an early exit by the outgoing tenant. As well, an agreement was reached over refurbishing the premises and fitting them out to meet Pharmapac’s particular requirements, including a major upgrade of the power supply. And then, there was dealing with the unexpected…

During the refurbishment, problems with the roof of the building were discovered. PFI was aware that maintenance was needed on the roof and this had been scheduled, but it became clear that work was needed sooner rather than later. Pharmapac’s quality control standards were such that they wouldn’t want dust – and certainly not rainwater – entering the building once manufacturing started. PFI didn’t hesitate. Board approval was immediately sought for the expenditure and contractor engaged to completely re-roof the building in time for Pharmapac’s move.

Today, Pharmapac are in business in their new location, looking after customers in their spacious, good-as-new premises. If you’re ever driving down Sunnybrae Road, look out for them. And next time you open a bottle of medicine, a jar of honey, or a shampoo, take a moment to appreciate how much goes into everything we take for granted.

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