PFI operates a dividend reinvestment scheme whereby shareholders can elect to receive dividends in the form of additional shares in lieu of a cash dividend. This allows shareholders to reinvest in the company without incurring transaction costs, and can be viewed as a form of compulsory saving.

Shareholders can join the dividend reinvestment scheme, or alter their participation, at any time. Shareholders can elect to have either:

  • all of their shares
  • a fixed number of their shares; or
  • a fixed proportion of their shares eligible for the scheme.

To find out more, elect to participate, change your participation or withdraw from the scheme download the following: Dividend Reinvestment Scheme Offer Document.

Shareholders who know their CSN/Holder Number and FIN can also elect to participate, change their participation or withdraw from the scheme online by visiting Computershare’s website: www.investorcentre.com/nz.