Dependable returns

PFI puts money to work, generating income for our shareholders. We’ve been providing property for industry for over twenty years and over that time our average annual return to shareholders has been around 10%.

A unique asset class

We achieve those strong returns because industrial property behaves differently to other types of property. PFI provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from investing specifically in industrial property.


There are three reasons investors attracted to industrial property become PFI shareholders. The first is scale. Scale gives us credibility: PFI attracts superior tenants who only partner with a landlord they have confidence will be there for the long haul.


Diversity provides resilience and resilience ensures stability. Inevitably, tenants come and go, but when—as we do—you have 96 properties in your portfolio you still achieve consistent returns.


Our expertise is key.  Because we specialise in industrial property, we know the market, we are known in the market, and we understand industrial tenants’ needs.  As a result, our portfolio is fit and healthy and able to perform at its peak.

Helping New Zealand enterprise

PFI’s scale, diversity and expertise deliver strong stable returns for our investors. We enable them to put their money to work—out where the work gets done—playing an important part in helping New Zealand enterprise succeed.