Your industrial property experts

PFI specialise in industrial property: Our tenants are companies like yours, making and moving the things New Zealand buys and sells. Like them, you need a property that works. Like them, you need PFI.

Putting property to work

Property that works: Its property that's what you need, where you need it and where the numbers stack up. PFI puts property to work for you: Property that helps you operate more efficiently, provide a better service to your customers and make more money for your shareholders.

What you need

PFI will ensure you have a property that enables your business processes. Premises, for example, that are the right height and the right shape, with the right space around the buildings, making it easy for goods to come and go. Premises that have the right ratio of office space, of the right quality, with the right infrastructure.

By helping our tenants achieve these things, we help them streamline their processes and operate more efficiently.

Where you need it

Every PFI tenant operates in a supply chain. Being in the right location makes a huge difference to their ability to add value. Whether you need to be close to raw materials, close to transport links, part of an industry cluster, or close to customers, we’ll help you find the right location and enable you to save time and money.

The numbers stack up

Lease from PFI and we will structure a deal that is transparent, fair and that makes it easier for you to manage your cash flow. 

By leasing from PFI, rather than owning property yourself, you free up capital that can be put to work in the core of your business and so strengthen your competitive advantage.

Your business partner

PFI is your industrial property expert. Having PFI on your team adds value to your operations, frees up capital, and enables you to focus on what you do best. Leasing from PFI means industrial property that works for you.