PFI’s Board of Directors and management are committed to ensuring that PFI maintains best practice governance structures and the highest ethical standards and integrity.

The Board of Directors has therefore developed the following (together, the Corporate Governance Manual):

1. Code of Ethics

2. Board Charter

3. Audit and Risk Committee Charter

4. Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter

5. Remuneration Policy

6. Financial Product Trading Policy

7. Continuous Disclosure Policy

8. Diversity Policy

The Corporate Governance Manual is intended to guide the Directors, management and representatives of PFI so that their business conduct is consistent with PFI’s business standards. It incorporates the NZX Listing Rules relating to corporate governance and the recommendations of the NZX Corporate Governance Code, and was last updated in September 2020.

This Corporate Governance Manual is intended to be read in conjunction with the PFI’s constitution (see below) and also applies to PFI’s subsidiaries.

For the purpose of this Corporate Governance Manual references to “employees” includes any contractors of PFI.

PFI reports on its governance annually in its annual report. An extract from the most recent annual report can be found below.